Inspired by classic motor vehicles
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The RetroGrade Team

RetroGrade Classics Chris Harrell

Chris Harrell

Chris is an avid classic car enthusiast and the visionary for RetroGrade Classics.

Chris has over two decades of business leadership experience, encompassing every facet of creating and growing consumer brands.

Prior to founding RetroGrade Classics, Chris spent 12 years at design-centric tech/lifestyle brand Incase, where he was one of the original employees and subsequently held senior executive leadership positions managing every area of the company and its operations.

Chris owns several Porsches and enjoys driving them as often as he can, from canyon drives to classic car rallies, and track days with friends.

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RetroGrade Classics Michael Alan Ross

Michael Alan Ross

Embodied with a passion for all things automotive, Michael Alan Ross has carved out a career photographing the studied nuances, latest models, adrenaline-rushed raceways, and proud owners of the car world. His love of car design includes an encyclopedic knowledge of sculptural engineering details, with a parallel appreciation for the evolution of a component and a sentimentality for the classics. Inspired by his respect for the craftsmanship of car designers, Michael draws upon their influence as a narrative for his work—the parts and pieces, technological advances, and elements that capture a moment in time.

As a trusted colleague to many, Michael maintains elite access to the events, collectors and designers that others dream about. His reality is a career built on doing what he loves: photographing the cars and people that define the automotive industry.

Michael's work is featured in a wide range of editorial and advertising in the US and Europe.

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RetroGrade Classics Jason R Zahler

Jason R Zahler

Jason Zahler is an entrepreneur and consumer products industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in product and graphic design.

A jack of many trades, we refer to Jason as a “serial creator”, as he is able to make just about any idea—even the craziest ones—come to life.

Jason manages all of RetroGrade’s design activities, including product creation, graphics, and our website.

Jason and Chris have been friends for 35 years, and have collaborated on various creative projects over the years.

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